“Your wife is suspect if she is supporting Mohbad’s wife not to do DNA test” Actress Charity Nnaji addresses Nigerian men

Nollywood actress, Charity Nnaji has weighed in on late singer, Mohbad’s wife, Omowunmi refusal to undergo a DNA test for their one-year-old son, Liam.

Taking to her Instagram story, she addressed Nigerian men telling them that their wives are suspects if they support Mohbad’s wife. She urged them to take their kids for DNA tests.

Charity questioned why Mohbad’s wife would love to go through that kind of pressure, without wanting to clear her conscience and free herself from public disgrace.

Addressing women, she likened them to witches for allowing their husbands take care of another man’s child. She noted how women are the only ones who know who impregnated them.

“Men listen if your wife is supporting Mohbad’s wife not to do a DNA test, she’s a suspect. Kindly, take those kids you have with that betrayer of a wife who’s supporting Mohbad’s wife and go for a DNA test. For crying out loud, who would want to go through this type of pressure without wanting to clear her conscience and free herself from all this public disgrace? You are not far from a witch if you keep allowing your husband to train another man’s child. Remember na only women know who give am belle. Please don’t vouch for my gender, after all, they said a clear conscience fears no accusation”.

Recall that following the singer’s death, many have been clamoring for a DNA test to be done on Liam, his son to ascertain his paternity.

Even Mohbad’s father had called for DNA to be done on his son, a statement which Cynthia Morgan agreed with.

Omawunmi, addressing these demands, had taken a firm stance. Given her current financial struggles and the responsibility of raising Liam alone, she insisted that those urging for a DNA test should be prepared to pay for it. Two days back, she had even told her father-in-law to get a court order for a DNA test to be done.

However, On Sunday, Omowunmi made a U-turn and made it known that she wouldn’t be doing a DNA test for her son. Giving reasons, she claimed that she was a virgin when Mohbad met her and he was the one who deflowered her. She further claimed that he was the only man who saw her nakedness as such she wouldn’t be conducting paternity tests for her son.

Omowunmi further made it known that no one has the right to tell her to do it as she added that her son would never fall victim like his dad.

Reacting to it, Daddy Freeze tackled her, pointing out that Wunmi’s silence wasn’t helping her husband’s case. He further stated that it isn’t about crying on social media but speaking out.

Freeze concluded that he was fully in support of them conducting a DNA test for Mohbad’s son.