“You’re All Enemy in Disguise, I only blame….”–Femi Adebayo’s Wife Iya Aladuke blow Hot, Blast husband Colleague Over her husband announcing Bobrisky as the best female dress

Femi Adebayo’s wife Iya Aladuke has come online to criticize what people are saying about her husband announcing Bobrisky as the best female dress at Ajakaju Movie Premiere.

She revealed that Femi Adebayo’s colleagues are quick to bring others down because if it’s the Africa Magic Award they ask him to announce someone they will be judging instead of judging the panel who chooses the best dressed themselves.

She referred to his colleagues as enemies disguised as a Friend and blame his husband for having a pure mind.

#Shame You all are quick to bring people down…How does the person who presents an award be blamed for it? So if AMVCA gives an award to someone you believe is not deserving, you’ll blame the presenter of the award and not the AMVCA or judges?!!! Where are your brains? Well I don’t blame you all, I blame the so called colleagues (enemies disguised as friends) Who find it easier to publicly call you out at every opportunity rather than putting a call through to you! Femi is damn too hardworking and supportive! Madam, karma will visit you soon! Because you know Femi was only asked to present ! Your call out was definitely Intentional and hypocritical!


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Officialadesanyatoyosi wrote: @femiadebayosalami  was asked to announce the winner, also remember the microphone was handed over to him @iyanaladuke  I feel your pain as a woman who wants the best for his home

Hajmaja_baba_adugbo wrote: You are not handling this very well. Yes! You are defending your husband which is what every woman will do, but coming out here and throwing a bantam is going to ignite a fire you may not be able to extinguish.

Mua.3406 wrote: With all due respect Madam,  he could have turned the presentation down given its negativity. Do you pray to have a son like bobrisky?  That was outright disrespect to women, know when to draw the line between doing your job and your morals.

Riteadgemology wrote: I don’t expect respected woman like you to put mouth into this ,can you pray any of your child become cross dresser? Your husband is a Muslim fir goodness sake how will he participated in such act ? Let’s call a spade a spade he shouldn’t have fall cheaply as pupet

Brandedgegrs Wrote: Don’t be sentimental because of your love for the individual. If he was a principled man and follow his religion wholeheartedly, he will never be part of such act. Femi is my favorite actor but I find everything about his action wrong. We need to be liberal in our judgement sometimes, we should judge out of emotions. We can’t be part of act that could destroy the future of our unborn children.

Jidebanj wrote: Why didn’t he reject the offer. You guys will always see the truth and look away.

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