“You’re going to Hell, How dare you allow Two grown strange men that are not your husband to hold your thighs this way” — Muslim lady lambasts Taooma for new photo

Muslim lady heavily berates Skitmaker, Taooma for getting ‘comfy’ in a new photo with fellow comedians, Mr Macaroni and Brother Shaggi.

The lady took to her Twitter page, @SG_Hurayrahh, where she strongly condemned the action.

Taooma, Mr Macaroni and Brother Shaggi.

She believes it is very wrong for Taooma to have engaged in such a risky pose with her colleagues, especially in the season of Ramadan.

Her tweet reads;

“Two grown strange men… Holding your thights this way. You posting on media.

The most unforgivable sin is the one you are proud of it!

Now, immediately we talk about her tribe, they’ll come and shout here. In this holy month. Allah ya kyauta”

Her Post Below

Taooma, Mr Macaroni and Brother Shaggi.

Some reactions to the post here

@Neyux_2010 asked: “What is the most unforgivable sin dear sister? Shirk? or touching the opposite sex? Also, going after the tribe in this matter is what a Muslim with hamāsah and bigotry without the knowledge of Islām will do.
‘The state/country doesn’t make anyone pure/good’”

@PrisciliaAmadi said: “Assistant gods to the rescue 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾, to correct and call out ‘wrongs’ You hypocritical lots don’t disappoint”

@little_bolanle wrote: “What she did might be bad especially since we’re in the Holy month of Ramadan and we’re all are striving to be better Muslims but I see no reason why you need to input the tribe factor while correcting her.
We are all Muslims, you know.”