People were complimenting me that I look better as a woman – Bobrisky on why he ended up being a ‘Bobrisky’

Popular Nigerian controversial transsexual, Idris Okuneye, also known as Bobrisky, has revealed out about how he became a crossdresser.

In a recent interview with Charly Boy,

Bobrisky makes a significant admission about his road to becoming a transsexual.

Bobrisky explained that his adventure into crossdressing began as a savvy business ploy when selling unisex clothing as an undergraduate at the University of Lagos.

According to him, he had no idea that this seemingly benign decision would take him down the path of becoming a whole new persona.

Despite facing initial resistance from his parents, Bobrisky stated that he eventually found the courage to be true to himself and fully embrace his identity as a transgender, crediting his parents for eventually allowing him to express himself freely and live authentically.

In his words:

“About nine years ago, I was at the University of Lagos studying Accounting. I also had a side hustle, I was selling unisex clothes. Most times I try the female wears on myself and I love the outfits.

“From there, I moved to female hairstyles to makeup and more women were patronising my business. So I decided to keep crossdressing since it was lucrative.

“I wasn’t thinking I was going to do it for a very long time. Initially, it was just a marketing strategy but people were complimenting me that I look better as a woman than a man. That’s how I ended up being Bobrisky.”