“This is so cute” – Netizens react as daughter fixes artificial nails for father

Netizens have reacted to a video of a young child expertly fixing artificial nails and painting them for her father.

The young child meticulously painted her father’s artificial nails in the TikTok video that her mother, @nikadiwa, posted.

In the video, the brilliant girl played out the mindset of a licensed nail technician. She threatened to have her father pay extra for her services.

Like any nail tech with her client, the father and daughter were seen having a conversation while the artificial nails were being fixed.

“Walked in on my husband’s nail appointment with our toddler,” the video was captioned.

Read some reactions below..

@Ari 32 said: “Omg, she sounds like an actual nail tech too! That’s how they talk to you.”

@Hannah McCoy said: “Haha this reminds me of when I was little, my dad would play hair Salon with me. I would dip napkins in water and put them all over his head and say I was giving him highlights the napkins.”

@lilliangrady789 said: “I’m so glad y’all stayed together!”

@Justin Credible said: “I want to be a girl dad so badly thus is so cute.”

@ambeezy21 said: “LMAO he is legit a girl Dad Imao I love to see it she is so sassy by that’s right baby know your worth lol.”

@LiliAna Rose reacted: “I love the sass and then the shift to words of affirmation she hears so cute I bet she has y’all rolling and balling all day long.

@LaRochePosayUS said: “She gave him an accurate nail salon experience.”


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