“Why I don’t have to check if you have celebrated me before celebrating you” Laide Bakare spills as she reveals an unknown revelation about Segun Ogungbe

Nollywood actress, Laide Bakare has made a new revelation about her male colleague, Segun Ogungbe.

Taking to her Instagram page to celebrate the filmmaker on his birthday today, she stated that, unlike others, she doesn’t need to check if he had celebrated or supported her before celebrating her.

Laide stated that since she has known him, he appears to be a good man who will never mean any harm to another. Wishing him a happy birthday, she said a word of prayer for the celebrant.

“For you @segunogungbe_, I don’t have to check if you have ever celebrated or supported me before celebrating you. Honestly ever since I have known you, you just appear to me as a good man who will never mean no harm to another. Wishing you a happy birthday and prosperous years ahead insha Allah”.

Taking to her comment section, Segun Ogungbe expressed gratitude to her for the birthday message.

“O se Alhaja tio common”.